Why Login?

Because we believe digitalization is a team sport


Extensive and comprehensive international knowledge is essential

Our interdisciplinary expertise covers security technology, production, IT, HR, legislation, knowledge of labor law both locally and internationally.

We have the experience and references needed for remote implementation in a foreign language.

Professional experience and overcoming challenges are essential

We have been working on HR, production logistics, and security technology solutions for large international companies for more than three decades.

During this time, we have developed our software system in a way that existing functions can be transformed into custom solutions. 

We honor our corporate principles

Our values

Value creation

Our vision

Providing the most appropriate software solutions for our Customers in order to increase employee efficiency and digitalize blue-collar employees.

Our Mission

Thinking together with our Customers, we create lovable software technologies and digital solutions. With a minimal ecological footprint, we make our partners' organizations future-proof, both operationally and commercially. We achieve all this by keeping in mind the well-being, development and career opportunities of our employees.

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